January 9th, 2013

Utter Lack of Intellectual Bravery

Jesse Stommel:

Those of us responsible for education (both its formation and care) are hugging too tightly to what we’ve helped build, its pillars, policies, economies, and institutions. None of these, though, map promisingly into digital space. If we continue to tread our current path, we’ll be left with a Frankenstein’s monster of what we now know of education. This is the imminent destruction of our educational system of which so many speak: taking an institution inspired by the efficiency of post-industrial machines and redrawing it inside the machines of the digital age. Education rendered into a dull 2-dimensional carbon copy, scanned, faxed, encoded and then made human-readable, an utter lack of intellectual bravery.

That last is precisely how I think of current education reformers who are tied to efficiencies over real opportunities to think about education and learning differently.

The list of things we need to “break” is daunting and almost all-encompassing. But the justifications are spot on. 

Read the whole thing.

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