May 9th, 2013

"You Don’t Need to be Taught in Order to Learn"

Seymour Papert:

The role that the computer can play most strongly has little to do with information. It is to give children a greater sense of empowerment, of being able to do more than they could do before. But too often, I see the computer being used to lead the child step by step through the learning process. Ivan Illich said the most important thing you learn at school is that learning only happens by being taught. This is the opposite of empowerment. What you ought to be learning at school is that you don’t need to be taught in order to learn. This is not to say that the teacher is not an important part of the learning process. That teacher is, of course, the most important person there. But recognizing the importance of the teacher is very different from reducing learning to the passive side of being taught. This is the fundamental cleavage between theories of education: empowerment of the individual versus instruction and being taught.

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    Found this via willrichardson and I’d add that not only do you not need to be taught to learn but you also don’t...
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    Interesting thoughts about learning. Passive or agency?
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    I’m not sure that the teacher is the “most important person there”, but I am in general agreement with Papert’s...
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